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In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd (iCD) was incorporated in 1995 to distribute, educate and support customers of VeriBest Inc and Mentor Graphics Corporation Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software, in Australia and New Zealand. The company developed the iCD Design Integrity software that incorporates the Stackup, PDN and CPW Planner. iCD is also a PCB Design Service Bureau and specializes in board level simulation.

In 1994, Barry Olney of In-Circuit Design was contracted by Melbourne based computer manufacturer and distributor, Graphics Computer Systems, to design, in conjunction with Ross Bennett of GCS, the multilayer PCB for a SPARC20 server motherboard that would achieve their commercialization objectives. The design received an Institute of Engineers Australia 'Engineering Excellence Award', and was subsequently licensed to a US company, jointly owned by Fujitsu and Sun Microsystems. Under license the manufactured machine, a US built SparcPlug Station, won the Best Performance category in the 1997 US AIM 'Hot Iron' Awards.

In 1996 In-Circuit Design was awarded the 'Top Business Partner' Worldwide by VeriBest Inc, an Intergraph Company, in the United States for unprecedented sales of EDA software in a new territory. A decade later, In-Circuit Design was again awarded this time by Mentor Graphics, Board Systems Division, for outstanding achievements in marketing:


Top 2005 Asian Distributor Marketing

Top 2005 Worldwide Distributor Marketing


Barry Olney, Managing Director of iCD, is a former President of the Australasian Chapter of the IPC Designers Council, author/presenter of Advanced Design for SMT course and author of numerous articles starting in 1996 with 'Design for EMC', PCD Magazine. Since 2011, Barry has written over a hundred monthly  'Beyond Design' columns for The PCB Design Magazine an I-Connect007 Publication.

At the IPC APEX EXPO 2020 in San Diego, I-Connect007 was pleased to announce the recipients of this year's prestigious 'Good for the Industry' Award. I-Connect007 recognized and celebrated Barry Olney for sharing his knowledge and expertise with the industry. 

The iCD Stackup Planner was originally launched on-line in 1996. This was based on the IPC-317 closed loop equations. In 2012, a 2D Boundary Element Method (BEM) Field Solver was integrated into the Stackup Planner to achieve industry leading accuracy. iCD then continued to develop applications with high-speed design features specifically for PCB Designers. These include the iCD PDN Planner and the more recent iCD Coplanar Waveguide Planner software.


High-speed PCB Design Training

For over two decades, iCD has provided PCB Design and EDA Software Application training at the public, private and tertiary levels. We present one week hands on workshops, two day seminars, and University programs as well as customized in-house design training.

iCD Mentoring Program

This is a one-on-one mentoring program that provides participants with a competitive edge via access to an expert designer. Barry will personally analyse your high-speed design and provide direct feedback and guidance on how to best deal with issues as they arise. So if you are unsure of your next complex digital design - get some help to ensure it performs reliably to spec. This takes the pressure off you and your boss will be happy as the design will be completed on schedule and work first time saving costly iterations.

Consulting Services

Extensive consulting experience with a wide variety of successful companies has provided opportunities to learn many different design procedures, processes and software tools. By using this knowledge as a basis of comparison, we are able to offer informative on-site productivity studies and process evaluations that are designed to determine and enhance the productivity level of your design group. These studies evaluate your design flow from concept to prototype and makes process and software recommendations.

Advanced Design for Surface Mount Technology

This two day workshop on Advanced Design for SMT presents in detail the tried and proven generic design rules for dense, double sided SMT design of multilayer PCB's. The course material is non-application specific and the presenter has extensive experience with numerous CAD systems including Mentor Graphics Board Station, Expedition, HyperLynx and PADS; Cadence Allegro; Dazix BoardMaster: Intergraph Advanced Technology Designer and VeriBest plus Altium Desiger. This course identifies the problems associated with leading edge design and interactively presents a systematic approach to solve design problems.

EDA Application Training

In-Circuit Design has provided on-site training for the Intergraph Electronics, VeriBest Inc and Mentor Graphics Corporation customers on Schematic Capture, PCB Design and Signal Integrity applications as well as ADSMT courses. These customers include: Fujitsu Australia, British Aerospace, Defence Science & Technology Organization, Attorney Generals Dept, CEA Technologies, Hypertec, Westinghouse, Siemens VDO, Telspec, Hypercom, Aristocrat, Keycorp, Setec, Lumen Australia, ERG Group, Invensys, Vision Systems and Nokia.


A blast from the past - Actually, I was designing a multilayer PCB using Daisy, Board Master Unix software

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