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In-Circuit Design specializes in high speed PCB design and has assisted many leading technology firms both in Australia and the US. From start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, we have the expertise to meet your needs.


In-Circuit Design’s extensive knowledge and experience of multilayer PCB design covers a variety of technologies.  Implementation of Design for Manufacturability, Testability and EMC techniques are incorporated into every PCB layout.  This ensures your design to be of the highest integrity and enables you to maintain low production costs. 


We recognize that good parts placement, correct land pattern selection, and a thorough understanding of the assembly process are all key elements to creating a board that can be easily assembled without failure. In today's world of tight budgets and short schedules, we realize the importance of quality work that meets time to market constraints.


In-Circuit Design provides the following PCB design and layout services:


  • High Speed, High Density SMT PCB Design

  • DDR, DDR2 & DDR3/4 routing and simulation

  • Differential Routing, Controlled Lengths/Delay, Crosstalk Control, etc

  • Impedance Control Design

  • Design for EMC - reduced EMI and noise susceptibility

  • Mix Technology Analogue / Digital PCB layout

  • Multilayer, Surface Mount and Mixed Technologies

  • Design for Testability

  • Design for Manufacturability using IPC Class III standards


The PCB Design Process 

In-Circuit Design place a priority on customer interaction to ensure that the end result is a design that meets the customer’s needs - accurate, manufacturable and on schedule. We follow the ‘Right First Time’ philosophy by analysing the design in the conceptual stage where changes cause minimal delay to the project. If changes are made late in the design process more time, labour and material are required.

Our design process reduces board iterations and therefore time to market subsequently increasing your profit. 

  • Design Review

  • Data/library preparation and mechanical setup

  • Design Definition based on our tried and proven PCB Design Rules

  • Pre-placement Signal Integrity and Crosstalk analysis

  • Constraints driven Placement and Routing

  • Post layout Signal Integrity, Crosstalk, EMC Analysis and Design Verification

  • CAM deliverables


What is the Cost of Our Services?


Having the project completed ‘Right First Time’ on time and to budget means that you cut costs by reducing the design cycle, generating higher profits due to shorter time to market and an extended product life cycle.


Price and cost are two different things. The price you pay us is an investment – not a cost. It is important to remember what it costs if things go wrong. For each day, week or month that the project is delayed this costs you not only in labour but also in lost opportunity in getting you product to the market on time.


Our design process, experience and expertise in both PCB Design and Board Level Simulation adds value by reducing board iterations and therefore time to market subsequently increasing your profit. That’s why our customers keep coming back.


PCB Design and Simulation Software

  • Altium Designer
  • Design Capture
  • DxAnalogue Simulator
  • DxDesigner Schematic Capture
  • Expedition PCB Pinnacle
  • HyperLynx BoardSim EXT (SI, Xtalk and EMC up to 10GHz)
  • HyperLynx LineSim SI
  • iCD PDN Planner
  • iCD Stackup Planner
  • MicroStation
  • PADS Logic Schematic Capture
  • PADS SE DxSim


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