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The iCD Stackup Planner is delivered with an extensive Dielectric Materials Library (DML) containing over 31,275 commonly used rigid and flex core, prepreg and solder mask/coverlay materials up to 100GHz. This is arguably the most comprehensive list of material properties ever compiled. Using the exact materials, that are stocked by your preferred fabricator, can increase accuracy by up to 5%. A complete list of material manufacturers and product types, that are included in the iCD Stackup Planner (Jan 2018), are listed below.

                            1n-rcuit Design  - specializes in high speed multilayer PCB Design including design for Signal Integrity and EMC.

Manufacturer Series of Products - Glass Style, Resin Content, Dielectric Thickness, Dk, Df and Tg are grouped by frequency  ranges up to 100GHz for each series
3M 3M Embedded Capacitance Material
Aismalibar Cobritherm ALCUP, ALCUP-G, HTC 2W
Arlon AD5, AD10, AD250, AD255, AD250A, AD255A, AD255C, AD260A, AD270, AD300A, AD300C, AD320, AD320A, AD350A, AD410, AD430, AD450, AD450A, AD600, AD600A, AD1000, AD1000X, AR320 , AR1000, CLTE-P, CuClad 217GY, CuClad 217LX, CuClad 233GY, CuClad 233LX, CuClad 250GT, CuClad 250GX, CuClad 250LX, CuClad 6250, CuClad 6700, DiClad 522, DiClad 527, DiClad 870, DiClad 880, EP2 Polyimide, GenClad 280, IsoClad 917, IsoClad 933, Multiclad HF, StaCool 91MCL, StaCool 92MCL, TC350, TC600, 25FR, 25N, 33N, 35N, 35NQ, 37N, 38N, 44N, 45N, 45NK, 47N, 49N, 51N, 55NT, 84N, 85HP2657, 85HP3313, 85HP6770, 85HP8663, 85N, 91NT, 92ML, 99ML
Bergquist CML-11006, HT-04503, HT-07006, HT-09009, HPL-03015, MP-06503
Chang Chun CCP-508, CCP-508 (W), CCP-518, CCP-518 (SW), CCP-3400 (AP), CCP-3400 (ST), CCP-6400, CCP-6400 (RC), CS-AL088/89 AD2, CS-AL088/89 AD3, CS-AL088/89 AD5, CS-AL088/89 L1, CS-AL088/89 L2, CS-AL088/89 L15
Chaoshun Electronic Technique CCAF-01 Al, CCAF-04-A Al, CCAF-05 Al 
Chin-Shi AD2 RCC Al, AD3 RCC Al, AD5 RCC Al, AD8 RCC Al, M9 RCC Al
CoorsTek Durastrate
Delada DSR-18 LPI Solder mask
Denka BFG20A, BFG30A, BFG45A, BFG80A, BS20A, BS30A, BS45A, BS80A
Dexter SR1020-45K, SR1020-60K Screen printable Solder mask
Doosan DS-4001, DS-5000, DS-7106, DS-7106A, DS-7106 (HC), DS-7209, DS-7209A (G), DS-7209 (HC), DS-7209 (P), DS-7402, DS-7402BS, DS-7405, DS-7405 (UV), DS-7408, DS-7408BS, DS-7408 (HC), DS-7409, DS-7409BS, DS-7409 (HC), DS-7409S, DSF-400, DSF-500, DSFlex-600, DST-1108 (S), DST-1202, DST-1202G, DST-5000, DSTF-5000, DC-200 Coverlay film
Interra HK, FEP, Interra FL, Kapton HN, Pyralux AC Flex SS lam, Pyralux AP Flex DS lam, Pyralux AP-Plus Flex DS lam, Pyralux APR Flex DS lam, Pyralux FR Flex Bondply, Pyralux FR Flex Coverlay, Pyralux FR Flex DS lam, Pyralux FR Flex SS lam, Pyralux HXC Coverlay, Pyralux JT50 Bondply, Pyralux JT50 Cover Film, Pyralux LF Flex DS Lam, Pyralux LF Bondply, Pyralux LF Coverlay, Pyralux TK Bondply, Pyralux TK Flex DS Lam, Pyralux PC Coverlay, Vacrel  Dry Film
Dymax Multi-Cure Flexible Conformal Coatings 9-20351-UR, 9-20557 Thermal Shock resistant , 9-20557-LV Flexible
EastPower EPA-M2
EMC EM-285, EM-355(D), EM-355B(D), EM-370(5), EM-825, EM-825(I), EM-827(I), EM-828, EM-828B, EM-888, EM-888B, EM-891, EM-891K, EM-891B, EM-891BK, EM-M1 , EM-M1 (20), EM-M1 (30), EM-MP, EM-MPC
Electra Capapace Solder mask EMP110, EMP110 LDI, EMP110 W-LED, EM60, EPIC LSF60, Ronascreen 1600-1, Ronascreen 1655-1, Ronascreen 662
Enthone Screen printable solder mask SR1000, SR1001, SR1003, SR1004, SR1010SR1011
Eternal Conformask 2515, 2523
Evonik Industries Rohacell 31 A, Rohacell 51 A, Rohacell 71 A, Rohacell 31 IG, Rohacell 51 IG, Rohacell 71 IG, , Rohacell 31 HF, Rohacell 51 HF, Rohacell 71 HF, Rohacell 31 , Rohacell 51 WF, Rohacell 71 WF
Florida CirTech LPI 950 S-22 Spray LPI Solder mask
Fralock Cirlex 1200 CL, Cirlex 1500 CL, Cirlex 3000 CL, Cirlex 5000 CL, Cirlex Polyimide Film
GE Electromaterials Getek
Gore G410, G620, G630, Speedboard C, Speedboard EF, Speedboard LF 
GoWorld GW 1500, GW4011
Grace GA-140B-LL, GA-140-LL , GA-150-LL, GA-170-LE, GA-170-LL, GA-HF-15, MPP-97, MTC-97
GTS Flexible Materials Ultraflex GTS 5500, Ultraflex GTS 7800
Hangzhou Liansheng FR-4 CCL
Hanwha HanwhaFlex HFCK Kaneha PI, HanwhaFlex HFCT Taimide PI, HanwhaFlex HFCU Ube PI, HanwhaFlex HFB, HanwhaFlex HFLK, HanwhaFlex HFLT, HanwhaFlex HFL
Hitachi AS-3000/P70, AS-Z3, GWA-900G, GWA-910G, MCL-BE-67G/GEA-67BE Type (H) (R), MCL-BE-67G/GEA-67BE Type (S), MCL-BE-67G Type (H), MCL-BE-67G Type (R), MCL-BE-67G Type (S), MCL-E-67/GEA-67N, MCL-E-67, MCL-E-67 DS , MCL-E-67 DS Type (WK) , , MCL-E-73/GEA-73N, MCL-E-73, MCL-E-75G/GEA-75G, MCL-E-75G, MCL-E-670, MCL-E-679F/GEA-679F Type (R), MCL-E-679/GEA-679N Type (W), MCL-E-679 Type (W), MCL-E-679F Type (J), MCL-E-679F/GEA-679F, MCL-E-679F, MCL-E-679FG/GEA-679FG Type (S), MCL-E-679FG/GEA-679FG Type (R), MCL-E-679FGT/GEA-679GT, MCL-E-679FG Type (S), MCL-E-679FG Type (R) (S), MCL-E-679FGB Type (S), MCL-E-679FGB Type (R) (S), MCL-E-679FGT, MCL-E-700G/GEA-700G Type (R), MCL-E-700G/GEA-700G Type (RL), MCL-E-705G/GEA-705G, MCL-E-705G/GEA-705G Type (L), MCL-E-700G Type (R), MCL-E-700G Type (RL), MCL-E-705G, MCL-E-705G Type (L), MCL-E-705G Type (LH), MCL-E-770G, MCL-E-770G(LH), MCL-E-800G/GEA-800G, MCL-E-800G/GEA-800G Type (E), MCL-E-800G/GEA-800G Type (L), MCL-E-800G, MCL-E-800G Type (L), MCL-E-800G Type (E), MCL-FX-2/GFA-2, MCL-FX-2, MCL-HE-679G/GHA-679G, MCL-HE-679G/GHA-679G Type (S), MCL-HE-679G, MCL-HE-679G Type (S), MCL-I-671/GIA-671N, MCL-I-671, MCL-LW-900G, MCL-LW-910G, MCL-LX-67Y/GXA-67Y, MCL-LX-67Y, MCL-LZ-71G/GZA-71G, MCL-LZ-71G, TD-002 PP
Hon Tai Material CEM3, HT-E3502, HT-E3502, HT-E3503, HT-E3503, HT-P1002, HT-P1002, HT-P2001, HT-P2001, HT-P2002, HT-P2002, HT-P2004, HT-P2004, HT-E3505, HT-E3505, HT-E3505
Hua Zheng HA30, HA30H, H140A, H140F, H140-1, H150HF, H150LF, H155HF, H160HF, H170HF, H175HF, H370, H380, H1170, H1600A, H1600HF, H2135, H2135HF, H2600A, H2600HF
HuCheng FR-5 CCL
Huntsman Probimer 77 Glossy Photoimageable 
InnoFlex Innox MPH, MPH 100, MPH 50, MPH A
Intergral Technology Zeta Bond SE, Zeta Cap, Zeta Lam SE
Isola 185HR, 250HR, 254HR, 370HR, 370 TURBO, Astra-MT, Astra-MT77, Auto-HR, Chronon, DE104 , DE156, Duraver-E 104i ML, Duraver-E-Cu 104, Duraver-E-Cu 104 KF, Duraver-E-Cu 104 TS, Duraver-E-Cu 156, Duraver-E 104i KF ML, Duraver-E-Cu 156, ED130UV UV, FR402, FR406, FR406 BC, FR406N, FR408, FR408HR, FR408HR IS, Getek, GigaSync, GreenSpeed, G200 Epoxy, IS300MD, IS350MD, IS400, IS410, IS410 BC, IS415, IS415HR, IS420, IS620i, IS680-280, IS680-300, IS680-320, IS680-333, IS680-338, IS680-345, I-Speed, I-Speed MS (Spread Glass), I-Speed IS, I-Speed IS MS (Spread Glass), I-Tera, I-Tera MT, I-Tera MT40, I-Tera MT40-xxx, I-Tera MT - RF, P25 Polyimide, P26 Polyimide, P95 Polyimide, P96 Polyimide, P96 BC Polyimide,PCL370HR, Stratus,  Tachyon, Tachyon-100G, Tachyon-100G MS (Spread Glass), TerraGreen
ITEQ IT-140TC, IT-140GTC L1TC, IT-150DA, IT-150DATC SE, IT-150G L1TC, IT-150TC, IT-158TC, IT-168GTC, IT-168G2TC, IT-180A, IT-258GATC, IT-588TC, IT-859GTA, IT-968TC SE
Kin Wong KW-ALS
KingBoard HF140, KB-1150, KB-1151, KB-2150G, KB-2151, KB-3150, KB-3150N, KB-3151, KB-3151S, KB-3152, KB-5150, KB-5152 22F, KB-6050, KB-6060, KB-6062, KB-6064, KB-6065, KB-6067, KB-6068, KB-6150, KB-6160, KB-6160A, KB-6160C, KB-6164F, KB-6165F, KB-6167F, KB-6168, KB-7150 
KL Laminates Thermal E, Al base CCL
Krempel AkaFlex KDF Bonding Film, AkaFlex KDF, AkaFlex PENDF Coverlay, 
KuangShun KuangShun LPI KSM-S6188, KSM-S6189
Laird Technologies SS 1KA04, DS 1KA06, DS 1KA08, PP 1KA10, , PP 1KA12, PP 1KA , SS & DS Tlam, SS HTD04, SS HTD06, T-preg HTD04, T-preg HTD06
Leson Leson FR-4 CCL
Longyu LYPP-140
Matrix MCL Plus 111, 121, 212, 70, 100, 200, MCL Plus FR 111, 121, 212, 100, 200 Flex Bond-ply, Adhesive, MCL Plus .550, 1.50, 110, 210, 120, 130, 250, MCL Plus FR .550,  1.50, 110, 210, 120, 130, 250 Coverlay
Nam Hing NHL-4806 FR-4
Nan Ya
CEM-1-97, CEM-1-97PM, CEM-3-01PY, CEM-3-01HC, CEM-3-09, CEM-3-09HT, CEM-3-10, CEM-3-92, CEM-3-92 UV Block, CEM-3-92-PY, CEM-3-98, FR-4-86UV, NP-140B, NP-140MD, NP-140MTL, NP-140MTLB, NP-140TL, NP-150RTL, NP-150RTLB, NP-155FB, NP-155FR, NP-155FTL, NP-170, NP-170RTLB, NP-175FR, NP-175FR-B, NP-175FTL, NP-175FTL-B, NP-175FMR, NP-175FMR-B, NP-175FMTL, NP-175R, NP-175R-B, NP-175RTL-B, NP-175TL, NP-180 FA, NP-180R-TL, NP-180RTLB, NPG-150N, NPG-150NB, NPG-151, NPG-170B, NPG-170DR, NPG-170DTL , NPG-170N, NPG-170NB, NPG-170R-TL, NPG-171, NPG-171B, NPG-180ID, NPG-180IDB, NPG-180IFB, NPG-180IN, NPG-180INBK, NPG-180INB, NPG-180INB(BP), NPG-200R-TL, NPG-200WT, NPG-B, NPG-R, NPG-TL, NPLDII-R, NPLDII-TL, NPLDII-B, NPLDIII-R, NP-Resin CCL, UV Block FR-4-86
Nano Dimension 3D Printable ink - silver and dielectric
Nelco Mercurywave 9350, Meteorwave 1000, Meteorwave 2000, Meteorwave 3000, Meteorwave 4000, Meteorwave 4000P m-ply,  Mercurywave 9350, N4000-2, N4000-6, N4000-6 FC, N4000-11, N4000-12, N4000-12SI, N4000-13, N4000-13 EP, N4000-13 EP SI, N4000-13SI, N4000-7, N4000-7SI, N4000-29, N4350-13 RF, N4380-13 RF, N4800-20, N4800-20SI, N5000, N5000-30, N5000-32, N7000-1, N7000-2 HT, N7000-2 VO, N7000-3, N8000, NH9294, NH9300, NH9320, H9338, NH9348, NH9350, NL9294, NL9300, NL9320, NL9350, NY9208 , NY9217, NY9220 , NY9233, NX9240, NX9245, NX9250, NX9255,  NX9260, NX9270, NX9294, NX9300, NX9320, N9300-13 RF
Norplex-Micarta NP510A, NP511 (WaveMax 5000, SP252M)
Nikkan Industries Nikaflex CISV Coverlay Adhesive, Nikaflex F-30VC1, Nikaflex F-30VC2, Nikaflex SAFV 
Oak-Matsui Technologies FaradFlex BC, FaradFlex MC Embedded Capacitance Material
Panasonic Automotive R-1766, R-1661, CEM-3, CEM-3 Halogen-free, Ecool, Ecool F, Ecool M, Felios Flex DS , Felios LCP, Felios FRCC, FR-1, FR-4, Halogen-free, Halogen-free CEM-3, Halogen-free R-1530, Halogen-free R-1533, Halogen-free R-1551(S), Halogen-free R-1566(S), Halogen-free R-1551(W), Halogen-free R-1566(W), Hyper C, Hyper D, Hyper E, Hyper F, Hyper M, Hyper V, Megtron 2, Megtron 4, Megtron 4S, Megtron 6, Megtron 6; R-5670(G) & (K), Megtron 6; R-5775(G) & (K), Megtron 7 (E-glass), Megtron 7 (LowDk-glass), Megtron GX R-1410A, R-1515E, R-1515U, R-1515W, R-1515A, R-1515E, R-1515U, R-1515W, Megtron M
Park Electrochemical Corp (Nelco) Mercurywave 9350, Meteorwave 1000, Meteorwave 2000, Meteorwave 3000, Meteorwave 4000, Meteorwave 4000P m-ply,  Mercurywave 9350, N4000-2, N4000-6, N4000-6 FC, N4000-11, N4000-12, N4000-12SI, N4000-13, N4000-13 EP, N4000-13 EP SI, N4000-13SI, N4000-7, N4000-7SI, N4000-29, N4350-13 RF, N4380-13 RF, N4800-20, N4800-20SI, N5000, N5000-30, N5000-32, N7000-1, N7000-2 HT, N7000-2 VO, N7000-3, N8000, NH9294, NH9300, NH9320, H9338, NH9348, NH9350, NL9294, NL9300, NL9320, NL9350, NY9208 , NY9217, NY9220 , NY9233, NX9240, NX9245, NX9250, NX9255,  NX9260, NX9270, NX9294, NX9300, NX9320, N9300-13 RF
PIC DF-170, FL-140, FL-150, FL-170, HF-140, HF-170, HF-MD, P-138
Bonding Film, Cu Clad ULTEM, CuFlon, NorCLAD
Polytronics TCB-2, TCB-2AL, TCB-2L, TCB-4, TCB-8
PTTC PTTC 2W Thermal Copper
Risho Kogyo Risho AC-7900, Risholite CS-3300, CS-3305, Risho CS-3295, Risholite CS-3305A, CS-3350S, CS-3351S, CS-3355S, CS-3356S, CS-3376B, CS-3376C, CS-3376G, CS-3376CN, CS-3376CX, CS-3382S, CS-3387S, CS-3388, CS-3396, CS-3660DS, CS-3666Z, CS-3667, Risho CS-3945, Risho CS-3965C, Risho CS-3965V, Risho CS-3975, Risholite ES-3245, ES-3305, ES-3306S, ES-3308S, ES-3317B, ES-3346, ES-3506S, ES-3615, ES-3615D, ES-3615DS, ES-3617
92ML, 2929 , 3001 Bonding Film, CuClad 6250, CuClad 6700, Kappa 438, Longlite Flex 200,  RO1200, RO3001, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO3035, RO3203, RO4450B, RO4450F, RO4003C, RO3206, RO3210, RO4003C, RO4350B, RO4360G2, RO4450B, RO4450F, RO4533, RO4534, RO4535, RO4725JXR, RO4730JXR, RO4830, RO4835, RO6035HTC, RT/duriod 5870, RT/duriod 5880, RT/duriod 5880LZ, RT/duriod 6002, RT/duriod 6006, RT/duriod 6010LM, RT/duriod 6035HTC, , RT/duriod 6202, RT/duriod 6202PR, R/Flex 1000, R/Flex 1100, R/Flex 2001, R/Flex 2005, R/Flex Crystal, R/Flex Jade, R/Flex Pearl, Syron 7000, Syron 7100, THETA 100 (MCL-HE-679G), THETA 200 (GHA-679G), TMM3, Ceramic, TMM4, Ceramic, TMM6, , Ceramic, TMM10, Ceramic, TMM10i, Ceramic, TMM13i, Ceramic, Ultralam 2000, Ultralam 3000, Ultralam 3805HT, Ultralam 3908 , XT/duriod 8000, XT/duriod 8100
Samina ZBC-1000, ZBC-2000 Planar Cap
T1612 Acrylam Polyimide Film/Adhesive Coverlay, Acrylam T1647 Bond Ply, T1647 Coverlay, T1649 Bonding Adhesive, T1767 PET Film, T1779 Polyimide Film, T1929 PET Film, T1965 PET Film, T9004 Polyester Film, T9015 PET Film, T9017 Polyimide Film, T9029 PEN Film, T9067 PEN Film, T9068 PEN Film, G1859 Flexbase Polyimide DS Lam, G1860 Flexbase Polyimide DS Lam, G1910 PENclad Flex DS Lam, G1932 Flexbase Polyimide DS Lam
Shengyi AeroWave 300, AeroWave 338, AeroWave 350, AutoLad 1B, AutoLad 3B, mmWave, S0101, S0155, S0165, S0440, S0401, S0401 150, S0401 170, S0401KF, S0701, S1000, S1000B, S1000-2, S1000-2B, S1000-2MB, S1130, S1141, S1141 150, S1141KF, S1150GB, S1170, S1180B, S1600, S2130, S2130JB, S2131, S2131JB, S2132, S2136, S2155, S2600F, S2600R, S3110, S3116, S3155, S6015, S6018, SAR20, SF201, SF202, SF301, SF302, SF305, SH260, SH260B, SP190A, Synamic 4
ShineMore SM0560-4, SM-560-5 HF, SM-560-6, SM-560-8, SM-560 N, SM-630, SM-700F, SM-730-4, SM-730-5, SM-730-8, SM-780F-5, SM-780F-8
CEr-10, EZ-IO, fastFilm 27D, fastRise 7, fastRise 25, fastRise 26, fastRise 27, FEP , HyRelex TF-260, HyRelex TF-290, RF-30, RF-30A, RF-35, RF-35A2, RF-35P, RF-35TC, RF-41, RF-43, RF-45, RF-60A, RF-301, TacBond, TacLamplus, TacBond HT 1.5, TacPreg TPG-30, TacPreg TPG-32, TacPreg TPG-35, TPG-30, TPG-35, TLA-6, TLC-27, TLC-30, TLC-32, TLF-34, TLC-35, TLF-35A, TLC-338, TLG-29, TLG-30, TLP-3, TLP-5, TLP-5A, TLT-0, TLT-6, TLT-7, TLT-8, TLT-9, TLX-0, TLX-6, TLX-7, TLX-8, TLX-9, TLY-3, TLY-5, TLY-5A, TPG-30, TPG-35, TSM-DS, TSM-DS3, TSM-26, TSM-30, TRF-41, TRF-43, TRF-45
Taimide Taimide TH UTV PI Film
Taiwan Leader CTI135DS, FR4135, FR4150, FR4170, FR5180, LF150
Taiyo PSR-440 Series LPI, PSR-9000 Flex LPI, PSR-9000 LDI Flex LP, THP-100 DX1 LPI, THP-100 DX1 GF LPI, THP-100 DX1 (HTG) LPI, UVR-150G LPI
Taizhou Wangling CTP-1/2, F4B-N, F4BM-1/2, F4BM-1/2(M:1-GT), F4BK
Tamura DSR-2200TL 05M LPI, DSR-330S32-13MM LPI
ThinFlex Corporation ThinFlex A, ThinFlex H, ThinFlex X, ThinFlex-Q2
Technolam FR-4-86UV
Totking T-114
TUC TU-66P, TU-72P, TU-74P, TU-75P, TU-86P HF, TU-87P SLKSp, TU-662, TU-668, TU-668P,TU-722, TU-747 HF, TU-747P HF, TU-752, TU-768, TU-768P, TU-862 HF, TU-872 SLK Sp, ThunderClad 2 TU-883, ThunderClad 3 TU-933
Ultraflex GTS 7800
Ventec Tec-speed 1.0, Tec-speed 2.0, Tec-speed 3.0, Tec-speed 4.0, Tec-speed 6.0, Tec-speed 6.1, VT-4A1, VT-4A2, VT-4A1 PP, VT-4A2 PP, VT-4B3, VT-4B5, VT-4B7, VT-42, VT-42A, VT-42(Black), VT-42C, VT-42F, VT-42S, VT-44A, VT-44A , PP, VT-44 PP, VT-45 PP, VT-47, VT-47 PP, VT-90H, VT-90H PP, VT-441, VT-441 PP, VT-447, VT-447(B), VT-447 PP, VT-461, VT-462(L), VT-464, VT-464(LK), VT-481, VT-481PP, VT-901, VT-901 PP

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